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La Comédie de Saint-Étienne, National Drama Centre, is a theatre institution moved solely by creative energy and which puts on nationally and internationally renowned shows. Created by Jean Dasté nearly 70 years ago, La Comédie was one of the pioneers of French theater decentralization.

Benoît Lambert has been running it since March2021

La Comédie is also one of 13 Superior Drama Schools which train tomorrow’s artists in an entirely refurbished National Drama Centre, composed of three creation sets and two studios : a 3-year training programme in a 10-student promotion with quality professional artists (acting, singing, body and critical studies workshops), commissions made for our students to living writers, international projects, a partnership with the Lyon Ciné-Fabrique and a 3-year integration into working life through a proven programme (DIESE).

In september 2017, La Comédie moved into the creative neighbourhood of Manufacture-Plaine-Achille.