Traveling Comédie


Reaching out to all sorts of audiences, playing in villages and outside of our theatre : this is part of the Saint-Étienne Comédie’s history and very DNA.

Over the past 8 years, we have tried to go even further by developing the artistic presence and creations within the local territories themselves. By giving local authorities the opportunity to welcome rehearsing artists, to organize meetings, theatre workshops, festive occasions and by opening creations there, we have done our best to promote the love for the theatre and to foster curiosity about living playwrights and contemporary theatre.

Daring to offer today’s tales, often featuring young talents – such as the students of our Superior School, for family viewers : this is the challenge we wish to co-create and succeed in together with local authorities, associations and educational institutions.

Creating theatre out of everything, for everyone and everywhere – amazing you, moving you – here is our true ambition.

We look forward to spending time with you!

Enjoy the season with the traveling Comédie.


Clémentine Crozet
Responsable du projet de La Comédie itinérante

06 75 22 74 94